Companion Book for Season 6 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century"

Companion Book for Season 6 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century"

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Contemporary art speaks directly to the important questions of our time, as well as to the rapidly changing landscapes of American and global identity. It is both a mirror of contemporary society and a window through which we view and deepen our understanding of life as it exists today. Who are today's artists? What are they thinking about? How do they describe their work? Why do they do what they do?

These are some of the questions addressed in this companion volume to the sixth season of the Peabody Award-winning Art in the Twenty-First Century television series, which introduces thirteen artists who draw on a variety of subjects, experiences, and aesthetic influences to create their work. The book echoes the style and philosophy of the television series, presenting the artists without interpretive mediation through excerpts of interviews juxtaposed with illustrations of their work.

Featured artists include Marina Abramović, Ai Weiwei, David Altmejd, El Anatsui, assume vivid astro focus, Lynda Benglis, Rackstraw Downes, Glenn Ligon, Robert Mangold, Catherine Opie, Mary Reid Kelley, Sarah Sze, and Tabaimo. Essay and artist interviews by Susan Sollins; edited by Marybeth Sollins.

Hardcover, 9.2 x 12 in., 224 pages